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On top of that, InfoSec means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. As a result, a single list of questions is not going to cover everything. That being said, however, there are definitely tiers of possible questions that you can run into, and that is what this guide is about.

300+ TOP ArcSight Interview Questions and Answers

As the name itself implies the usage of this tool is that it adds value to your organization security policies. Using this tool, it will help the organizations to focus on the threat detection, analysis on the triages, compliance management.

All of these are done on the SIEM platform where it actually reduces the time taken to resolve a cybersecurity threat. What does SIEM stand for and what is it about? So this is a platform where a holistic view of the security process implemented within the organization. Basically, in this process, the data is all gathered into one secure repository where the logs are used for future security analysis. This process is widely used in the Payment Card Industry. It is actually classified as a data security standard in the Payment Card industry.

The following are the different ways that the business is actually protected by using ArcSight ESM tool, as follows:. Well, ArcSight ESM provides powerful real-time data correlation by processing the number of events per second.

Based on this analysis a more accurate outcome is proposed. So based on this analysis, the threats that violate the internal rules are escalated within the platform.

ESM actually processes 75, events per second basis. ArcSight ESM actually helps the organizations and the individuals as below:. Why do organizations need Security Information and Event Management systems? So to solve the real-time issue and also make sure the security checks are monitored and analyzed, we have a Security Information and Event Management system.

So basically all the machine log data is analyzed and understands the patterns of normal behavior vs abnormal behavior. Thus making it a perfect tool where it can understand the security logs so far and based on the analysis can trigger some information which might prevent a bigger threat to the entire organization.

What does ArcSight Logger do? So, ArcSight Logger is nothing but a log management solution that can be used widely in security practices. Eventually, this can be expanded into an enterprise level log management solution if needed.

So using this solution, topics like compliance and risk management are taken into due consideration. Also, the data can be used for searching, indexing, reporting, analysis purposes, and retention as well. What is the SIEM tool, explain briefly?

In the field of Information technology and computer security, products which provide or offer services like real-time security generated alerts analysis can be categorized as SIEM tool. What is a SOC team? So basically this is a center for all the websites, applications, databases, data centers and servers, networks are duly monitored and analyzed and well defended.

What is the main purpose of ArcSight Express? ArcSight Express analyzes threats within a database and provides possible action item. What is the main use of ArcSight Logger? The main use of ArcSight Logger is to capture or stream real-time data and categorize them into different buckets of specific logs.

What are the key capabilities of ArcSight Logger? The key capabilities of ArcSight Logger are:. What does ArcSight Connectors mean? The main use of ArcSight Connectors is listed below:. What does ArcSight Manager do, explain in brief?

The use of ArcSight manager is to simply put in place robust security parameters within the organization. So it is one of the high-performance service engines which actually filters, manages, correlates all security-related events that are collected by the IT system. The operational environment for ArcSight Manager is nothing but the underlying OS and the file system that are in place.

What does IDS stand for? Supported Operating systems are:. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content ArcSight Interview Questions for freshers experienced :- 1.

The following are the different ways that the business is actually protected by using ArcSight ESM tool, as follows: It is capable of collecting data or information from any type of log source It tremendously reduces the response time and also helps in reducing the damage as well It can efficiently store information where the information can be retrieved as we generally do in enterprise-level databases.

It provides role relevant reports that are available within the enterprise The architecture is scalable Easily customizable and maintains the high-performance system 5. ArcSight ESM actually helps the organizations and the individuals as below: All the event data is collected centrally and stored and monitor User-friendly compliance reporting in a single touch provides necessary data in an appropriate format.

Has an ability to monitor and mitigate the risk. Eliminates manual process as much as possible Saves valuable hours of security analyst where they spend on false alarms Brings awareness to the team about the security process in place and the countermeasures implemented.

ArcSight Interview Questions The core offering of ArcSight ESM is: Analyzes different threats to a database Checks with the logs that were captured Provide possible solutions or advice based on the risk level The key capabilities of ArcSight Logger are: It collects logs from any sort of log generating source After collecting the data, it categorizes and registers as Common Event Format CEF These events can be searched with the use of a simple interface It can handle and store years worth of logs information It is perfect for automation analysis which can be later used for reporting, the intelligence of logs or events for IT Security purposes and logs analytics.

The main use of ArcSight Connectors is listed below: With the use of ArcSight connectors, the user can actually automate the process of collecting and managing the logs irrespective of the device. All the data can be normalized into a CEF, i. Common Event Format ArcSight connectors provide a bunch of universal data collections from different unique devices. The following are the important points about the ArcSight ESM tool: With this tool, administrators and analyst can actually detect more incidents Operate more efficiently The same data set can be used for real-time correlation of the data and log management application can use the same dataset.

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Top 50 Information Security Interview Questions [Updated for 2021]

Learn about Springboard. Information security job interview questions might revolve around one specific task—say, designing firewalls or safeguarding information in certain applications. However, depending on the role and how encompassing it is, cybersecurity analyst interview questions may require showing a breadth of knowledge regarding various technologies and programming languages. And given that cybersecurity positions involve protecting sensitive business data, you must prove that you are trustworthy, reliable, and possess problem-solving skills, ingenuity, and calm when facing a difficult situation. These 61 sample cybersecurity interview questions should give you an idea of what to expect when interviewing with a well-respected organization like MITRE, Deloitte, Accenture, Cisco, Google, Lockheed, and others. Preparation is the key to making a good impression and landing a job in cybersecurity, so study these questions carefully.

The interview process is tough, not only for the candidates but also for the interviewers. The process also depends on the position for which the hiring is done. For a replacement; the skills of the previous employee are taken as the benchmark. In case a team is getting expanded, the management knows the skills that they expect in the candidates. The interview process is tough because:. Interviewers are usually interested in the candidates who have the necessary domain and technical knowledge unless they are hiring for a particular skill e.

Due to the rapid increase in data breach incidents and sophisticated attacks, organizations are investing heavily in technologies and security solutions. The deployment of a security operation center SOC is a cost-effective strategy against these cyber threats. The soc team deals with security incidents within the organization. The SOC analyst plays a vital role in the SOC team by monitoring the log data, identifying suspicious activities, and reporting to the higher authorities. It could be an excellent platform to start your career in cybersecurity. A candidate must have a basic knowledge of networking, malware analysis, and incidence response. This article outlines the most common SOC analyst interview questions and answers to help you get selected for a SOC analyst job role.

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Editor's note: This article, originally published on January 15, , has been updated to more accurately reflect recent trends. The shortage of cybersecurity workers is well known, with studies showing that millions more professionals are needed to meet the increasing demand for skilled talent in this profession. Here experts offer 10 ways to prep for and ultimately ace a security job interview:. Hiring managers typically look for strong technical skills and specific cybersecurity experience in the candidates they want to interview, particularly for candidates filling entry- and mid-level positions within enterprise security.

Because IT Security is highly marketable skill and the best way of getting there is to start from the bottom this site is to serve not only as a means to get that all important Information Technology job, but for IT Security Talent is a quick cram site for answers you know yet may get stuck when you are on an IT interview because of pressure, nerves, etc. Want to learn more about handling the basic and more complex, even weird interview. Interview 1 Phone Interview 3 Virtual conference based interview Phone interview questions: Compare software versions and return which version is greater Virtual Interview Questions: 1 linked list has side node which can also have a linked list. A large or mid-size enterprise can generate petabytes and, in some cases, even exabytes of log and metadata. These questions and answers do not represent any organization, school, or company on our site.

As the name itself implies the usage of this tool is that it adds value to your organization security policies. Using this tool, it will help the organizations to focus on the threat detection, analysis on the triages, compliance management.

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Top 30 Incident Responder Interview Questions and Answers for 2019

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Top 50 Cybersecurity Interview Questions and Answers 2021


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IBM Security QRadar SIEM Interview Questions and Answers · Q1) How can we reset the SIM Module? · Q2) What do you understand by High Availability? · Q3).