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15 Best Akbar Birbal Stories For Kids

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IntroductionIn our childhood, we used to hear lots of stories from our Grandparents which we used to enjoy a lot. The Akbar-Birbal stories were kind of eye-openers which used to unfold, how with the help of sheer intelligence any critical or difficult problem can be solved in least possible time and with minimum amount of resources. Birbal, considered as one of the greatest game changers of all times, who used to illuminate even the Great Akbar with his extraordinary intelligence and sense of humor.

In this paper it is argued that how relevant is Birbal's intelligence in today's ever changing environment. We made an attempt to analyze three stories, initially heard from our Grandmother to evaluate the effectiveness of Birbal's intelligence with our present learnings of management lessons. The three selected stories are The Three Questions. The Street Lamp3.

The Blind Saint. Literature ReviewWe thoroughly investigated the existing literature and articles to understand the perspective of different authors to relate the management principles and philosophies with Akbar-Birbal stories. The three questions were How many stars are there in the sky? Where is the center of the Earth and 3. How many men and how many women are there in the world?

Immediately Akbar asked Birbal the three questions and informed him that if he could not answer them, he would have to resign as chief minister. As the first answer, Birbal brought a hairy sheep and said, "There are as many stars in the sky as there is hair on the sheep's body.

My friend the courtier is welcome to count them if he likes. Therefore if all people like him are killed, then and only then can one count the exact number. Positive attitude Presence of mind Management lessonsToday's dynamic world changes its color radically and randomly. So, as a manager of any organization he has to face critical situations and unforeseen questions from his superiors and even from customers who are either not fully aware of the situation or are not adequately literate.

In this story, Akbar asked impractical questions to Birbal. But Birbal demonstrated the right attitude and presence of mind to answer the questions with proper justifications. Every problem has a solution provided we are always aware and awake to solve it with right attitude that is desired to be demonstrated at that point of time. This story also resembles the excellence of any interviewee in an interview: Every now and then we keep hearing that the interviewee is asked few tricky questions by the interviewer in order to check his presence of mind.

In this story, we get an essence of how one's attitude should be towards any type of question asked by any person with whatever intention.

A thought came toBirbal that a man would do anything for money. He expressed his feelings to Akbar. Akbar then put his finger into the lake and immediately removed as because he shivered with cold.

Akbar said "I don't think a man would spend an entire night in the cold water of this lake for money. Birbal replied "I am sure I can find such a person. After Birbal's far and wide search he finally found a poor man who was desperate enough to accept the challenge. The needy man entered the lake and Akbar posted guards near him to make sure that he really did the task.

The next morning the guards bought the poor man to Akbar. Akbar then asked the poor man how he managed to spend the night in the lake. The poor man replied that there was a street lamp nearby and he kept his attention on the lamp and away from the cold.

Akbar then said that there would be no 5 reward as the poor man had survived the night in the lake by the warmth of the street lamp. The poor man went to Birbal for help. The next day, Birbal did not go to court.

A messenger came saying that Birbal would come once his Khichri was cooked. Hours passed by but Birbal did not come. Finally the king decided to go to Birbal's house and see what's going on. He found Birbal sitting on the floor near some burning twigs and a bowl filled with Khichri hanging five feet above the fire. The king and his attendants couldn't help but laugh. Akbar then said to Birbal "How can the Khichri be cooked if it so far away from the fire?

Key skills observed Practical and workable way to solve a problem 2. Demonstration Intelligence Management lessonsAs we know sometimes it may happen that a top ranked manager or senior professional commits or unknowingly commits mistake which either he is not aware of or he believes that whatever he is doing is right.

In this story Birbal demonstrated a lesson to the Mughal emperor without any annoyance or irritation, without making it embarrassing as well. In such circumstances a junior employee may act as an eye opener by demonstrating a practical way to handle the same problem without embarrassing his superior. He was believed to predict the future correctly.

Once he had a visitor who had come to treat their niece. The child's parents were killed in front of the girl's eyes. Once she saw the saint, she started to scream loudly saying that the saint was the culprit. Angered by the girl's words, the saint ordered the couple to get away with the child. The whole day the girl cried which made the couple to realize that the girl was not lying. Therefore, they decided to seek the help of Birbal. Birbal asked them to wait at the Emperor's assembly.

Birbal invited the saint to Akbar's court. Then in front of all the ministers he drew a 7 sword and chased the saint to kill him. The saint in bewilderment immediately drew another sword and began to fight. Thus by this act of the saint it was proved that he wasn't blind.

Thus, Akbar ordered to hang the culprit and rewarded the girl for her bravery and for telling the truth even at the critical situations. Information analysis 2. Intelligence for logical reasoning 3. From the story therefore we can portray two different aspects:First one -the message comes from the story that a whistle blower's opinions must not be readily discarded without investigating the matter.

If the matter is found to be right for the right cause of the organization's survival, the Whistle Blower must be encouraged and appreciated by the system.

The management should be efficient enough in handling such situation without hampering the dignity of the organization. As a manger or senior employee one should keep his eyes open to check or validate the issue, raised. Second One -it is also getting established that the prevailing system must have provisions for fair and equal judgment which should not lead to any Ethical Dilemma. We can only find the solution provided we either combat or anticipate the situation with right attitude.

In this regard, intelligence and presence of mind play key roles in facilitating our decision related to the situation. In the first story we have seen, how Birbal faced the three abrupt questions and without showing his emotions how intelligently he handled the questions and gave answer to the question which compelled the person who asked Birbal the questions to reflect upon his preconceived ideas.

As managers, we may face similar situations but the solution we provide must demonstrate the reflection of our Emotional Intelligence. In the second story we have seen how Birbal acted as an eye opener to Akbar and our learning from the story is demonstrating the solution is the best way to make others learn whether the solution would be feasible or workable for the organization.

The third story depicted we should refresh our mind quite an often to get rid of the preconceived notions we have about someone or something around. That will not only help us in 9 understanding or analyzing the situation better but will also help us in establishing what is right and what is wrong.

In the third story we have seen how Birbal initially investigated and then established the truth with his power of analysis, out of the box thinking and presence of mind.

Therefore, the fact which is getting established from the analysis of the three above mentioned stories is that BIRBAL was certainly a Strategic Differentiator in King AKBAR's dynasty who with his strategic thinking ability made visible differences in terms of solving problems with proper analysis, intelligence, presence of mind and out of the box thinking.

King Akbar's fondness towards Birbal made certain courtier very jealous. Now these courtiers always wanted to be the chief minister that was Birbal's position. One day Akbar praised Birbal in front of everyone. This made one courtier very angry and he said that the king praised Birbal unjustly and if Birbal could answer three of his questions, he would accept the fact that Birbal was intelligent.

Akbar always wanting to test Birbal's wit readily agreed. Story 1: The Three Questions 3. Related Papers. By Hannay Gamal. By Adebanjo Falaye. By Allison Busch. Download pdf. Remember me on this computer.

Birbal Stories

Birbal Stories are very famous and popular in India among all ages of people. They are also called by another name Akbar-Birbal Stories. He himself was illiterate, but he invited several learned people in his court. Among these people, nine were very famous and were called Nav Ratna nine jewels of the Mogul Crown of his court. A Great Singer 2.

The stories of Akbar and Birbal have mesmerized children since generations. This attribute makes Akbar and Birbal stories one of the must-reads. MomJunction shares some of the best Akbar Birbal stories for kids. Let your children be amazed at the smartness of Birbal! One day Akbar and Birbal were taking a stroll in the royal gardens when Akbar happened to see a group of crows on the tree.

Story No. 5. Birbal's Wisdom. One fine day, Akbar lost his ring. When Birbal arrived in the court, Akbar told him “I have lost my ring. My father had given it to me as.

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Download this app from Have fun and learn through Toys and Books Birbal stories malayalam pdf. Once Emperor Akbar became very angry at his favorite minister Birbal. Stories of Akbar and Birbal are extremely popular in India.

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Last Updated on January 3, Children love to listen to stories; especially the ones that tickle their funny bone! Most of us grew up listening to the famous stories of the great King Akbar and one of his courtesans, Birbal, who was known for his intelligence and wittiness. These stories not only amused us, but they also taught us about the important virtues of life because they imparted us with a valuable moral at the end. If you wish to teach some good values to your child through story-telling, you can narrate some of the following Akbar-Birbal stories to your little angel.

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