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deburring and edge finishing handbook pdf

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Published: 09.12.2020

Burrs continue to be a significant issue for part manufacturers, but it is not just the burr that is the issue.

A burr is a raised edge or small piece of material that remains attached to a workpiece after a modification process. It is usually an unwanted piece of material and is removed with a deburring tool in a process called 'deburring'. Burrs are most commonly created by machining operations, such as grinding , drilling , milling , engraving or turning.

There are several definitions for burrs, but they all describe the same phenomenon. Burrs are undesired but mainly unavoidable. A burr is a material accumulation, which is created on the surface during the manufacturing of a workpiece.

Metal parts deburring machines

In addition to mechanical deburring, turbo-abrasive machining provides benefits including isotropic surfaces, improved profiles, and beneficial compressive stress. Turbo-Abrasive Machining [TAM] is a mechanical deburring and finishing method originally developed to automate edge finishing procedures on complex rotationally oriented and symmetrical aerospace engine components. Since its inception this method of utilizing fluidized abrasive materials has facilitated significant reductions in the amount of manual intervention required to deburr large components. Additionally, the process has also proved to be useful in edge and surface finishing a wide variety of other non-rotational components by incorporating these components into fixturing systems. The advantages of this method go beyond the simple removal or attenuation of burrs.

Turbo – Abrasive Machining for Edge and Surface Finishing

Deburring is a necessary evil. Nobody wants it but yet employees in most metal and plastics processing companies fight to master theses tasks on a daily basis. Therefore, deburring is rarely paid enough attention, as it does not directly add value. We at gravostar Technologies have been dealing with this topic on a daily basis for more than 25 years. In , we started to develop tools for milling deburring undefined edges integrated into the metal cutting process.

Deburrs metal sheets and parts cut by laser, shear or punching machine. Deburring and edge rounding of straight parts at both sides in one single pass. Automatic and compact version available. English Catalogue 9. Two abrasive lamella wheels rotate in opposite directions, removing the burr on both edges of the metal sheet.

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(Anonymous b). As noted above barrel tumbling was in commercial use at the turn of the 20th century. Filing, sanding and manual buffing lathes were all.

Top finishers: Solutions for 10 of the most challenging deburring applications

The Fierde is a deburring machine especially designed for processing small workpieces with a width up to mm. The Fierde features a brush height tracking system designed by Q-fin. Because of this,


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