Remainder And Factor Theorem Questions And Answers Pdf

remainder and factor theorem questions and answers pdf

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Problem 1 :. Using Remainder Theorem, find the remainder when. Problem 2 :. Problem 3 :. For what value of k is the polynomial.

remainder theorem notes

In this section we learn about the factor and remainder theorems. These theorems are at the heart of factoring polynomials and finding a polynomial's roots or zeros. We state each theorem as well as see how they can be used with tutorials. We also work through some exam type questions , which can be downloaded as pdf worksheets. In this tutorial , we learn how to use the remainder theorem to find the remainder obtained when dividing a polynomial by a linear.

The most valuable use of this discovery is to determine if the divisor x - a is a factor of the dividend. If x - a is a factor of f x , the remainder will be zero. You can quickly make this determination by plugging a into f x to see if the result is zero. This special use of the Remainder Theorem to determine a factor is call the Factor Theorem :. The factor theorem links factors and roots zeros of a polynomial. Let's take a look at some example questions:.

Factor Theorem

In the last section, we limited ourselves to finding the intercepts, or zeros, of polynomials that factored simply, or we turned to technology. In the last section we saw that we could write a polynomial as a product of factors, each corresponding to a horizontal intercept. To find that "something," we can use polynomial division. It is best to align it above the same-powered term in the dividend. Again, divide the leading term of the remainder by the leading term of the divisor.

Geometric version. Algebra: Remainder theorem grade 7 worksheet pdf. Our coefficients and constant are: 1 2 1 5. This is the remainder theorem. Theorem 3.

Solving and simplifying polynomials Thus, from arithmetic, we know that we can express a In our study of quadratics, one of the methods used to dividend as: simplify and solve was factorisation. Examine the following division problems in algebra A more general name for a quadratic is a polynomial and note the similarities.


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