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It consists of a zirconium alloy metal substrate that transitions into a ceramic zirconium oxide outer surface. The ceramic surface is extremely abrasion resistant compared to traditional metal implant materials such as cobalt chromium. It also has a lower coefficient of friction against ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene UHMWPE , the typical counterface material used in total joint replacements. All-ceramic materials can have a similar effect on reducing wear, but are brittle and difficult to manufacture. The metal substrate of Oxinium implants makes components easier to manufacture and gives them greater toughness a combination of strength and ductility.

Quick Links Download this manual. Surgical Technique. Single use negative pressure wound therapy system 8 pages. Low-intensity ultrasound fracture healing system for the treatment of nonunion and fresh fractures 32 pages. Page 2 In consultation with: Professor T. Saris — Utrecht, Netherlands Professor R.

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Distal Cut First Surgical Technique - Smith & Nephew .The GENESIS™ II Total Knee System has been

Metrics details. Osteoarthritis of the knee is a common condition that is expected to rise in the next two decades leading to an associated increase in total knee replacement TKR surgery. CAPAbility is a pragmatic, blinded, two-arm parallel, randomised controlled trial recruiting patients with primary osteoarthritis due to have unilateral TKR surgery across two UK hospitals. Baseline measures will be taken prior to surgery. Patients will be followed at 1 week, 6 to 8 weeks and 6 months post-operatively.

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The features of this device include a deeper and more lateralized trochlear groove than earlier designs, an externally rotated femoral component meaning the femoral cuts are performed in neutral rotation relative to the epicondylar axis, but the implant has a thicker posterolateral femoral condyle to compensate and an anatomic asymmetrical tibia. The system is said to allow compatibility between a femoral component of a given size and up to four sizes of tibia. Available versions include cruciate retaining, posterior stabilized, and constrained arthroplasties. Components can be porous or non-porous. High flexion knee and deep-dished tibial inserts are available, as is an all-polyethylene tibia in cruciate retaining or posterior stabilized versions.

References 1. Data on file 2. Pg E 3. Bourne et al.

Hinduja National Hospital, Mumbai, India. The authors report the first case of traumatic late dissociation of the polyethylene insert with patellar tendon rupture after total knee arthroplasty using a high-flex posterior-stabilized Genesis II prosthesis in a year-old Parkinson's disease patient. Insert dislodgement has been described most commonly with mobile-bearing and cruciate-retaining TKAs. Only four cases of insert dissociation in a high-flex fixed-bearing prosthesis have been described to date. This case report paves the way to understanding the potential reasons for insert dissociation and its management strategy.

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The GENESIS™ II Total Knee System has been designed to offer the orthopaedic surgeon solutions to address intraoperative situations. Implant function is.