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This case explains the economics of the soft drink industry and its relation with profits, taking into account all stages of the value chain of the soft drink industry. It focuses on the war between Coca-Cola and Pepsi as they are the market leaders in this industry.

The cola wars refer to the long-time rivalry between soft drink producers The Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo , who have engaged in mutually-targeted marketing campaigns for the direct competition between each company's product lines, especially their flagship colas , Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Beginning in the late s and into the s, the competition escalated, which gave this cultural phenomenon its current moniker of cola wars. Coca-Cola advertising has historically focused on wholesomeness and nostalgia. Coca-Cola advertising is often characterized as "family-friendly" and often relies on "cute" characters e. During the peak of the cola wars, as Coca-Cola saw its flagship product losing market share to Pepsi as well as to Diet Coke and its competitors' products, the company considered a change to the beverage's formula and flavor.

Cola wars continue : Coke and Pepsi in 2006

The best way to really understand this legendary rivalry — and learn some lessons from it — is to dive into the story behind the Coke vs. Pepsi marketing match-up. Coca-Cola traces its history back to Pemberton created what was originally a bottled medicine. By the time Pepsi came along, its rival was already selling more than a million gallons of its product per year. Coca-Cola also had the first celebrity endorsement.

Examines the industry structure and competitive strategy of Coca-Cola and Pepsi over years of rivalry. New challenges in include boosting flagging carbonated soft drink CSD sales and finding new revenue streams. Both firms also began to modify their bottling, pricing, and brand strategies. They looked to emerging international markets to fuel growth and broaden their portfolios of alternate beverages like tea, juice, sports drinks, energy drinks, and bottled water. Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola had vied for the "throat share" of the world's beverage market. This cozy situation was threatened in the late s, however, when U.

Relationship with the bottlers has been critical to Pepsis success over Coke Coke raised its concentrate prices leaving the bottlers a narrower proBit margin in the highly price sensitive industry. Threat Of New Entrants Low Bottling Network- Have franchisee agreements with their existing bottlers who have rights in a certain geographic area in perpetuity Access to distribution is limited High brand loyalty Advertising Spend-huge advertising and marketing spend required. Majority of the U. CSDs were packed in metal cans - Coke and Pepsi were among the largest customers for metal can industry - Cans are commodity, manufacturers. Huge advertising, brand equity, and making easy availability of product reduced the threat of substitutes.

Coke vs. Pepsi: The Story Behind the Biggest Marketing Rivalry in History

The "Cola Wars Continue: Coke and Pepsi in " case study re-examines the competitive environment between Coca-Cola and Pepsi over a period of a century. It discusses the rivalry between the two biggest manufacturers and suppliers of carbonated soft drinks CSD. It presents the strategies of both companies amidst the decline in the consumption rate of CSDs. Case study questions answered in the first solution:. Not the questions you were looking for? You will receive access to two case study solutions!

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Examines the industry structure and competitive strategy of Coca-Cola and Pepsi over years of rivalry. Harvard Business Publishing Education logo. Sign In Cola Wars Continue: Coke and Pepsi in Product: PDF-ENG.

Cola Wars Continue: Coke and Pepsi in 2010

The 'Cola Wars Continue: Coke and Pepsi in ' case examines the industry structure and competitive strategy of Coca-Cola and Pepsi over years of rivalry. However, starting in the late s, U. CSD consumption started to decline and new non-sparkling beverages become popular, threatening to alter the companies' brand, bottling, and pricing strategies. The case considers what has to be done for Coke and Pepsi to ensure sustainable growth and profitability. A rewritten version of an earlier case.

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Cola Wars Continue: Coke and Pepsi in 2006

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The 'Cola Wars Continue: Coke and Pepsi in ' case examines the industry Harvard Business Publishing Education logo Product: PDF-ENG.

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