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modified atmosphere packaging of fruits and vegetables pdf

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Table of contents Table of contents. MAP — an innovative response to food deterioration. Consequently, demands on food producers and pro ducers of packaging machines and ma terials are increasing, too.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging of Fruits and Vegetables

Consumer appeal for fresh, low-calorie, healthy, nutritious and high quality foods has grown steadily in the last 10 years. Such food trends may be attributed to consumer attitudes on lifestyle, nutrition, fitness, health and food quality [7, , , ]. North Americans are concerned about foods in their diet in relation to weight control and chronic disease risks. Government agencies and health-promoting organizations are recommending a reduction of fat, cholesterol and salt in the diet and a greater consumption of fruits, vegetables and cereals with the view that such dietary changes may reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer incidence [7, ]. Fresh commodities are now considered by consumers to be more nutritious than canned products and more flavourful [].

Modified atmosphere

Modified atmosphere packaging MAP is a useful preservation system that allows to significantly increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. The MAP results of changing the composition of the atmosphere in the packaging headspace due to the dynamic interaction between the metabolic processes of the packaged product on the one hand, in which O2 is consumed and another gases such as CO2 and water vapor are generated, and on the other hand, by transferring all of these gases through the package. The aim of the system is to balance these two processes in such a way that constant levels of these different gases are reached in the packaging headspace and that these equilibrium levels are as favorable as possible to preserve the product. This chapter describes design strategies to obtain a satisfactory gas transfer capacity in the MAP system through the configuration of several related variables such as the type of packing material, its thickness, the transfer surface area and the required number and diameter of perforations. For this, the necessary steps are proposed to estimate the appropriate transfer capacity according to the equilibrium gas concentrations desired to longer preserve the product by using the mass balance equations of the MAP system.

Food security and the quality of products are two vital aspects that concern not only producers, but also planners and governments. Nearly half of the fresh produce is lost, but much of this loss can be prevented by using technological solutions that have been tried and tested. A new wave of innovations has miniaturized techniques, making them easy to use and far more affordable than large instruments. Devices for analyzing can have a significant impact on the food industry. Proper food storage is essential for maintaining the quality and safety of both fresh and packaged products during supply and distribution. There are also many socio-economic reasons to improve storage. Distribution: Food has to be stored in many places from the time it is harvested to the time it reaches retailers.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Mangaraj and T. Mangaraj , T. Goswami Published Engineering. Fresh fruits and vegetables being living require oxygen O2 for their metabolic processes especially for respiration. Modified-atmosphere packaging MAP of fresh produce refers to the technique of sealing actively respiring produce in polymeric film packages to modify the O2 and CO2 concentration levels within the package atmosphere necessary to maintain the freshness and extend shelf-life.

How Modified Atmosphere Packaging extends the shelf life of food products

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The biggest problem faced by the food industry in South Africa is the maintenance of quality of fresh produce during postharvest storage Munhuweyi et al. Attempts to reduce losses and maintain quality of fresh food, primarily fruits and vegetables, during postharvest storage has been a challenge and priority for the food industry Velickova et al. Strategies to prolong the shelf life of fresh-cut vegetables during storage are necessary to preserve their nutritional value and to assure food safety Conte et al. Modified atmosphere packaging MAP is the technique of sealing actively respiring produce, fresh fruit and vegetables, in polymeric film packages to achieve the modification of the O 2 and CO 2 levels within the package atmosphere Mir and Beaudry,

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How Modified Atmosphere Packaging extends the shelf life of food products

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One of techniques that widely used in packaging of fruits and vegetables are modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). In MAP for fresh fruits and.

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If fruit and vegetables are kept in airtight packaging or another closed container with atmospheric air (% oxygen, % nitrogen and % carbon dioxide etc.

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Modified atmosphere is the practice of modifying the composition of the internal atmosphere of a package commonly food packages, drugs, etc.



Fresh fruits and vegetables being living require oxygen (O2) for their metabolic processes especially for respiration. Modified-atmosphere packaging (MAP) of.