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Green revolution , great increase in production of food grains especially wheat and rice that resulted in large part from the introduction into developing countries of new, high-yielding varieties, beginning in the midth century.

The impact of the Green Revolution on indigenous crops of India

In addition to the environmental impacts of the period, the Green Revolution also had impacts on society. This technology was made available only to rich but the poor farmers were left out due to the expenditure incurred in adapting the new technology. Log in. The technology of the Green Revolution involved bio-engineered seeds It created a lack of biodiversity in the global cropland structures. The spread of the agricultural practices of the Green Revolution may have helped to reduce hunger issues in developing countries, but it also created a significant deficit in agro-diversity and wild biodiversity around the globe. No other activity has such immense impact on the socio-economic development of the people as the Green Revolution.

UN Climate experts: Green Revolution leaves food systems vulnerable to climate change

The new agricultural technique was introduced as a package programme to include HYV seeds, fertilizers and pesticides. To increase agricultural production and productivity, the Government of India invited a team of experts sponsored by the Ford Foundation. This report suggested the means of improving production and productivity of the country with stress on modern inputs, especially fertilizers, credit, marketing facilities etc. As a result of high-yielding varieties of wheat the production of wheat rose to high level of to kg. These seeds required proper irrigation facilities and extensive use of fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides.

Like other developing countries, Green Revolution has influenced the economy and way of life in India to a great extent as is evident from the following points:. The introduction of Green Revolution in has resulted in phenomenal increase in the production of agricultural crops especially in food-grains. From onwards, the Green Revolution aimed at bringing about a Grain Revolution. Among the food grains too, it is the wheat crop which drew maximum benefit from Green Revolution. The production of wheat increased by more than three times between and while the overall increase in the production of cereals was only two times. On account of this reason, it is said that the Green Revolution in India is largely the Wheat Revolution.

African governments raised spending on agricultural development, supported by international donors who recognized, for the first time in decades, that developing countries needed to grow more of their own food and that their small-scale farmers could be a crucial part of that effort rather than a drag on economic development. Global philanthropies, newly endowed with billions of dollars in technology profits, led the charge. AGRA eventually set the ambitious goals of doubling crop productivity and incomes for 30 million small-scale farming households while halving food insecurity in 20 African countries by That Green Revolution project is failing. Few small-scale farmers have benefited. Some have been thrown into debt as they try to pay for the high costs of the commercial seeds and synthetic fertilizer that Green Revolution proponents sell them. For the last 14 years, governments and donors have bet heavily, and almost exclusively, on the Green Revolution formula of commercial inputs, fossil-fuel-based fertilizers and agro-chemicals.

Green revolution

Do you give consent for us to use cookies to track your session on our website? This allows us to analyse our site traffic in order to make improvements to the user experience. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy. Pachauri went on to explain how the green revolution is unlikely to benefit the hundreds of millions of farmers dependent on rain-fed agriculture in India, Africa and Latin America. Chemical fertilisers and pesticides have been shown to weaken soil health and reduce its ability to store water in the face of droughts or floods.

In a recent paper in the American Political Science Review, Aditya Dasgupta of the University of California says the green revolution was influential in the rise of agrarian opposition parties in the s and the accompanying decline of the Congress. In the late s, Indian farmers began using high-yielding variety HYV seeds, launching the green revolution which saw crop yields and production rise dramatically. To study the impact of this on politics, Dasgupta links the share of agricultural land planted with HYV crops to 20, election races in state elections between and He also shows that as the share of farm land planted with HYV seeds increased, the vote and seat share of agrarian opposition parties also rose significantly.

Rena, Ravinder : Green revolution: Indian agricultural experience — a paradigm for Eritrea. Published in: Eritrean Studies Review , Vol. Even during good harvest years, food imports remain high.

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Green Revolution in India

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Green revolution

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A team of experts sponsored by the Ford Foundation was invited by the Government of India in the latter half of the Second Five Year Plan to suggest ways and means to increase agricultural production and productivity.