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As we continued to read through the comments, it occurred to us that we should compile all the Buddhist books for beginners mentioned into a list, and that such a list, composed solely of personal accounts of life-altering realizations, could be quite special. We created that list in read the original here , and asked readers to suggest more. Here is an updated list incorporating that feedback:.

Both chapters are recited in Chinese, so unless you are fluent, the meaning may be lost.

Teaching the Early Modern Period

The range of responses is fittingly diverse and much thought has been put into designing a well-crafted and innovative collection. The key importance of the volume is its geographical, disciplinary and cultural range. One of the great virtues of this book is its diversity, and it will appeal to scholars, postgraduates and teachers in the UK, USA, Europe and Australia. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide.

Buddhist Books for Beginners: A Comprehensive List

Edward Canfor-Dumas born is a novelist and an award-winning TV scriptwriter - and a specialist in conflict management. Soon after, he started penning scripts for popular television series such as The Bill and Kavanagh QC. His first major feature-length programme was Tough Love , a powerful drama about police corruption, starring Ray Winstone. He branched out into novels in the same year, with the successful modern story The Buddha, Geoff and Me , which he followed in with Bodhisattva Blues. Edward is a practising Buddhist and both books have Buddhist themes.

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The Buddha, Geoff and Me

The Buddha, Geoff And Me by approaching the challenge the PDF Nail Structure and The only reason I dont give it 5 stars is that it is not available in pdf or in any..

Edward Canfor-Dumas

Ed is stuck in a rut - his part-time 'career' is going nowhere, his love life's a joke and his wallet's always empty. The thing about a rut, though, is at least you know where you are. So when Ed runs into an old acquaintance and is sucked into a dr

The Buddha, Geoff and Me: A Modern Story

Ed is having a hard time - at work, in his love life and, well, generally. Then he meets an unlikely Buddhist - who drinks and smokes and talks his kind of language. Bit by bit, things begin to change Ed doesn't always take Geoff's advice.

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