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hiv aids and vitamin studies in kenya pdf

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Africa is heterogeneous in latitude, geography, climate, food availability, religious and cultural practices, and skin pigmentation.

Box Eldoret, Kenya. Nutritional status is an important determinant of HIV outcomes. Prospective cohort study. Main Outcome Measures.

Influence of Vitamin D in HIV Infection

In HIV-infected persons, low serum concentrations of vitamins and minerals, termed micronutrients, are associated with an increased risk of HIV disease progression and mortality. The provision of simple, inexpensive micronutrient supplements as an adjunct to HAART may have several cellular and clinical benefits, such as a reduction in mitochondrial toxicity and oxidative stress and an improvement in immune reconstitution. We reviewed observational and trial evidence on micronutrients in HIV-positive persons receiving HAART to summarize the current literature and suggest future research priorities. A small number of observational studies have suggested that some, but not all, micronutrients may become replete after HAART initiation, and few intervention studies have found that certain micronutrients may be a beneficial adjunct to HAART. However, most of these studies had some major limitations, including a small sample size, a short duration of follow-up, a lack of adjustment for inflammatory markers, and an inadequate assessment of HIV-related outcomes.

Influence of Vitamin D in HIV Infection

Along with these general risk factors, HIV-specific factors may contribute to vitamin D deficiency. There appears to be a link between high levels of vitamin D and its receptor and natural resistance to HIV-1 infection, possibly because of upregulation of anti-inflammatory interleukin 10 and induction of anti-HIV-1 defensins. Exogenous 1,25 OH 2 D in monocytes has been reported to reduce HIV susceptibility by inhibiting viral entry, decreasing CD4 expression, and limiting monocyte proliferation. Toll-like receptor 8 ligand agonists in human macrophages have been shown to inhibit HIV infection via a vitamin D- and cyclic adenosine monophosphate-dependent autophagic mechanism. In HIV-positive patients, vitamin D deficiency has been linked to increased inflammation and activated monocyte phenotypes. Experts recommend vitamin D screening [using 25 OH D levels] for HIV-infected patients, and supplementation should be considered for those with vitamin D deficiency as well as patients initiating antiretroviral therapy or starting bisphosphonate therapy for low bone mass density. However, it can be difficult to convince funding agencies to invest in such research, she said.

Malnutrition in HIV/AIDS: Aetiopathogenesis

Malnutrition is common among HIV-infected individuals and is often accompanied by low serum levels of micronutrients. Vitamin B deficiency has been associated with various factors including faster HIV disease progression and CD4 depletion in resource-rich settings. Logistic regression was used to determine factors associated with sub-optimal vitamin B Twenty-one of

Environmental enteric dysfunction has now been identified to play a significant role in HIV-malnutrition. Food insecurity is bidirectionally associated with aggravation and perpetuation of HIV infection. Increasingly, drugs used in antiretroviral therapy have been recognised to lead malnutrition in many ways. Both HIV and malnutrition are most prevalent in the poorest areas of the world, and there is a convergence of etiological factors.

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