Textual Criticism And Qur An Manuscripts Pdf

textual criticism and qur an manuscripts pdf

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Published: 05.12.2020

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Textual Criticism and Quaran Manuscript

In other literary disciplines it is almost taken for granted that scholarly study of a text must start with a text based on the collation and analysis of the oldest and best manuscripts available for that text. Western scholars have often expressed the handicap they feel over the absence of such a text. This project did not come to fruition, nor does it seem today very likely that it will, although the need for and the desirability of such is still there. This is still an accurate description of the situation more than twenty-five years later, although a significant step to remedy this is in progress with the Corpus Coranicum project. This book contains four parts, each containing one or more chapters. Part 1 comprises introductory matters and in two chapters contains the introduction chapter 1 and a description and pictures of the manuscripts used, together with a collation of their texts for Surah —41 chapter 2.

But which Arabic language? Among Semitic languages the Arabic reflects the Proto-Semitic perfectly and can be counted as older than Akkadian in that regard. So to deny this common origin would be the biggest harm to be done to the Semitic languages, since the Semitic languages are those languages that fulfill each other and hence explain one another. The togetherness which will be realized on the basis of these languages will contribute to the mutual understanding of the Semitic Peoples. Semantic changes are the natural process all languages underwent and will continue to undergo.

This paper will show how textual criticism has demonstrated the current and the Textus Receptus (the KJV manuscript tradition) respectively not only disproves the traditional Islamic charge of Qur'ānic impeccability.

The historical credibility of the Qur’ān

This attack consists of a nonstop systematic discrediting of Islamic genius, creeds, and values in and out of the academic arena, backed up by religious and political lobbies. This critique has the force of a tu quoque argument. We see this clearly fallacious argumentation, in one of the books of the South African missionary, John Gilchrist,. We freely admit that there are variant readings in the Bible. This distinguished scripture was not revealed to the Prophet all at once as one block of one hundred and fourteen chapters, rather its verses were revealed successively, as one verse, groups of verses, or even a whole chapter, across a time span of twenty-three years.

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The book is an application of " reasoned eclecticism " to a small portion of the Quran — He states "there never was one original text of the Qur'an", that the Uthmanic destruction of variant texts around CE, eliminated "many texts which had equally good claims to containing authentic readings", that before the three century-long "process of development and improvement" to standardize the Quran phonetically, there were "50 different ways" of reciting the Quran. Fred Donner of the University of Chicago writes that the book is of "manifest excellence and importance", with "but minor blemishes".

Textual Criticism and Qur'an Manuscripts

This unique work takes a method of textual analysis commonly used in studies of ancient Western and Eastern manuscripts and applies it to twenty-one early Qur'an manuscripts.


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MAPPING A NEW COUNTRY: TEXTUAL CRITICISM AND QUR'ƖN MANUSCRIPTS A Thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by Keith E. Small.


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