Electrical Generation Transmission And Distribution Mcq Pdf

electrical generation transmission and distribution mcq pdf

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MCQ No - 1. Which of the following are the constants of the transmission lines? A Inductance.

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Current only. Current and voltage. Current, voltage and frequency. Current, voltage, frequency and short time current. Static condenser. Synchronous condenser. Tap changing transformer. Booster transformer. Using reactors.

Increasing the load. Adjusting the governor. Reducing the terminal voltage. Compensate for skin effect. Neutralise proximity effect. Reduce line inductance. Increase the tensile strength. Each Section contains maximum 70 questions. To get more questions visit other sections.

Login into Examveda with Login with Facebook. Section 1 Section 2. Current only B. Current and voltage C. Current, voltage and frequency D. No explanation is given for this question Let's Discuss on Board. Which of the following equipment, for regulating the voltage in distribution feeder, will be most economical? Static condenser B. Synchronous condenser C. Tap changing transformer D. The frequency of voltage generated, in case of generators, can be increased by.

Using reactors B. Increasing the load C. Adjusting the governor D. Compensate for skin effect B. Neutralise proximity effect C. Reduce line inductance D. Read More Section Transmission and Distribution.

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In this website, you will learn about electical engineering realated topics including mcqs for test preparation and detail with example of electrical product usage. What is protective relay? If it is available in books please let me know the name of the books. Surge problem. MCQ No - 1. High initial cost.

By which of the following systems electric power may be transmitted? If variable part of annual cost on account of interest and depreciation on the capital outlay is equal to the annual cost of electrical energy wasted in the conductors, the total annual cost will be minimum and the corresponding size of conductor will be most economical. The wooden poles well impregnated with creosite oil or any preservative compound have life a from 2 to 5 years b 10 to 15 years c 25 to 30 years d 60 to 70 years Ans: c. Which of the following materials is not used for transmission and distribution of electrical power? Galvanised steel wire is generally used as a stay wire b earth wire c structural components d all of the above Ans: d.

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Follow by Email. Which of the following is not the transmission voltage in America? A 66 kV Like Page.

Current only. Current and voltage. Current, voltage and frequency.

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Which among these is not a conventional source of electrical energy? Wind is a non-conventional source of energy. With increasing price of oil, depletion of fossils and other environmental degradations, renewable sources of energy is being more preferred. Wind energy is generated using Windmills located mostly near to coastal and remote areas.

Transmission and Distribution MCQ Test

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