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shares and types of shares pdf

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Types of Shares

There are different types of shares , and you must be well familiar with all of them. We may also define shares as one of the units in the company into which the total capital of the company is divided. Holders of the shares are called shareholders or members of the company. Basically, there are three types of shares into which the whole capital of the company is divided. Equity shares are also called ordinary shares. The holders of equity shares are the real owners of a company.

To define shares and its types, one needs to have a basic understanding of shares and their purpose and role in a company. Shares are a standard instrument for raising capital for a business by distributing them among interested investors. The definition of a share includes the capital or stock of a company. Each business has a share capital requirement. A share is a single unit within the entire capital of the company.

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Define Shares and Its Types: Everything You Need to Know

Study Notes on Company Shares. After reading this article you will to learn about: 1. Definition of Shares 2. Types of Shares 3. It can also be expressed as certain invisible units of a fixed amount, i. It is the interest of a shareholder in the company measured, by a sum of money for the purpose of liability in the first place, and of interest in the second but also consisting of a series of mutual covenants entered into-by all the shareholders. According to Indian Companies Act, , the shares of a company may be divided into the following categories:.

These shares can be issued to the public for raising the funds of the company for its expansion. Stock market primarily requires two parties for trading in the market, i. The investors need to open a Demat account an account for holding financial securities in electronic form for trading in the share market. The third-party called financial broker also employed in the share market whose work is to guide, buy and resale the shares for the investors who do not have much knowledge about the share market but want to invest their sum in a market. For generating capital from the market both private and public companies can issue only two types of shares. The following are the two types of shares:.

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Different Types of Stocks

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Ordinary shares are the most common type of shares and are standard shares with no special rights or restrictions. They have the potential to give the highest financial gains, but also have the highest risk. Ordinary shareholders are entitled to voting rights, however, they are the last to be paid if the company is wound up. Non-voting ordinary shares carry the same conditions as ordinary shares except with regards to voting rights.

Common stock is, well, common. When people talk about stocks in general they are most likely referring to this type. In fact, the majority of stock issued is in this form.

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Define Shares. What are the Types of Shares in Detail?

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Common Stock

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What are Shares and Types of Shares?

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What types of share can a company have?


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View Types of from BUSINESS FM at Nanyang Polytechnic. Types of shares A company may have many different types of shares that come with.

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