Goffman Dramaturgical Analysis And Presentation Of Self Pdf

goffman dramaturgical analysis and presentation of self pdf

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Identity and Reality

Sociologist Erving Goffman developed the concept of dramaturgy , the idea that life is like a never-ending play in which people are actors. Goffman believed that when we are born, we are thrust onto a stage called everyday life, and that our socialization consists of learning how to play our assigned roles from other people. We enact our roles in the company of others, who are in turn enacting their roles in interaction with us. He believed that whatever we do, we are playing out some role on the stage of life. Goffman distinguished between front stages and back stages. During our everyday life, we spend most of our lives on the front stage, where we get to deliver our lines and perform.

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The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life

In it, Goffman uses the imagery of theater in order to portray the nuances and significance of face-to-face social interaction. Goffman puts forth a theory of social interaction that he refers to as the dramaturgical model of social life. According to Goffman, social interaction may be likened to a theater, and people in everyday life to actors on a stage, each playing a variety of roles. The audience consists of other individuals who observe the role-playing and react to the performances. There is also a back region, or 'backstage,' where individuals can relax, be themselves, and the role or identity that they play when they are in front of others.

Thousand Oaks, California: Sage. Stockholm University. Science , First Monday , 11 In: David Buckingham ed. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication , 13 1.

Presentation of self via Goffman is becoming increasingly popular as a means for explaining differences in meaning and activity of online participation. Goffman, E. Are you an author? A notable contribution to our understanding of ourselves. Online identity online interaction Erving Goffman constructivist case studies. Goffman employs a "dramaturgical approach" in his study, concerning himself with the mode of presentation employed by the actor and its meaning in the broader social context , Publisher: Anchor Books.

His book--Presentation of Self--remains an important book in this field. Goffman's approach is sometimes referred to as the dramaturgical model. 1. All the World's​.

Goffman Dramaturgical Analysis And Presentation Of Self Pdf

Video transcript. His best-known eerving to social theory is his study of symbolic interaction. Erving Goffman is an important sociologist whose dramaturgical perspective on social interaction and presentation of the self is classical within sociology. With this piece, we move squarely to the individual level of social theory. This has lead to the existence of a belief in public appearance or the sub-conscious development of self presentation.

In the social world we are called upon to put on various fronts depending on the social stage on which we find ourselves and the teams of actors with whom we are performing — the work-place or the school are typical examples of social stages which require us to put on a front. There are plenty of things that can go wrong with our performance which might betray the fact that we are not really the person who our act suggests that we are — we might lose bodily control slouch , or make mistakes with our clothing a scruffy appearance for example. We generally tend to think of performances as being of one or two types — the sincere and the contrived.

The View from Goffman

Dramaturgy is a sociological concept developed by Erving Goffman that uses the metaphor of theater to explain human behavior. Dramaturgy is a sociological perspective that is a component of symbolic interactionism and is used in sociological analysis of everyday life.




This short book, originally published in the s, was the first to offer a description of the ways in which people manage their own images and the public impression of themselves.

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