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past simple and past continuous lesson pdf

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Although it has its nuances, we usually use it talk about actions that were in progress at a specific time in the past. We also use it in conjunction with the past simple when talking about interruptions I was doing my homework when the phone rang.

Past Continuous Worksheets

T sticks four picures of works of art statue, sculpture, painting, an old manuscript which are related to the previous lesson and ask students their names. T elicits the names, writes them on the WB. T gives the speaking HO. Ss ask each other four questions starting with "What happened while T uses the first one of the four sentences ss used in the speaking stage to introduce the use of past continuous and past simple together by drawing a timeline. T elicits which action was happening and which action interrupted it. Volunteers will come to the WB and show the sequence of actions on the timeline.

Past Simple vs Past Continuous

Skip to content. It is a very structured activity in which students write a short newspaper article about a robbery. Help Log in Sign up Newsletter. Average: 3. Procedure Tell students they are going to write a newspaper article about a robbery in a public place. Elicit the kind of information the students think they would need to write the article and write questions up on the board as they give you ideas. At this point the teacher formulates the questions as the focus is on the students creating the content of the story and not an exercise in grammar.

Interactive Version - This when and while interactive worksheet helps to teach students three rules for using the past simple and past continuous with 'when' and 'while'. Interactive Version - Here is a past simple vs. Past Simple vs. Present Simple Passive Present Simple vs. Essay Writing Punctuation.

This lesson focuses on the use of the past continuous and past simple together to indicate one action being interrupted by another. It starts with a short story that.

To catch a thief: Past simple and past continuous practice

PDF book 1: English tenses exercises. PDF book 2: English grammar exercises. PDF book 3: English grammar rules. Read more about English grammar books PDF on e-grammar. Past simple exercises Regular and irregular verbs, positive, negative and question forms.

Practice the past continuous tense with these past continuous tense worksheets. These past continuous worksheets include exercises to practice both positive and negative sentences. See below for the PDF worksheets currently available to download. This past continuous worksheet asks students to complete the sentence by filling in the blank space with the correct past continuous form. There are 15 questions in this exercise worksheet.

Interactive Version - In this past continuous interactive worksheet, students complete a range of exercises to learn how to use the past continuous tense in three ways. Past Simple vs. Present Simple Passive Present Simple vs. Essay Writing Punctuation.

Learn when to use the past simple or the past continuous. Although both tenses speak about the past, they are used in different ways.

Past simple vs continuous

For example:. In short, we use past simple to talk about finished actions in the past — time which is finished, e. If you think about it, we use it all the time to talk about what happened in the past — to give news and tell stories. Another difference is that in past continuous the action is often unfinished and interrupted:.

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Lesson code: 13ME-B61DX. Intermediate (B1-B2). 1 Presentation. The past simple and the past continuous tenses are used to talk about the past. We use.