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nutrition and feeding of organic pigs pdf

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Animal Nutrition Pdf Types of Nutrition: 1. Understanding Animal Nutrition.

Nutritional Requirements of Pigs

In the context of mismanagement of natural resources going with an increasing consumption of protein from animal origin through the world population, one major challenge for the future in animal nutrition is the improvement of its efficiency and hence sustainability. Up to now, a broad range of methods like feed additives or technological treatments have been available to improve the efficiency or the production of pig-derived and poultry-derived food and hence the sustainability in pig and poultry nutrition. Nevertheless, the exact knowledge of the mode of action of these tools is a prerequisite for their successful application. As a result, the consumption of natural resources like grains can be considerably reduced and the substitution of regional by-products from the feed and food processing industry like wheat bran, dried distillers grains with solubles or rapeseed meal can be dramatically enhanced in diets for monogastric animals, thus contributing to more sustainable livestock production. Increasing efficiency plays an important role in ensuring that the resources required for pig and poultry nutrition are foreseeably available.

Feeding organic pigs: a handbook of raw materials and recommendations for feeding practice

Pigs require a number of essential nutrients to meet their needs for maintenance, growth, reproduction, lactation, and other functions. The National Research Council NRC , in its publication, Nutrient Requirements of Swine updated in , provides estimates of the amounts of these nutrients for various classes of swine under average conditions. However, factors such as genetic variation, environment, availability of nutrients in feedstuffs, disease levels, and other stressors may increase the needed level of some nutrients for optimal performance and reproduction. The NRC uses a modeling approach to take some of these factors into consideration in its estimates of requirements for energy, amino acids, calcium, and phosphorus, but requirements for other minerals and vitamins are estimated strictly from empirical data. Although the NRC addresses factors such as lean growth rate, gender, energy density of the diet, environmental temperature, crowding, parity, stage of gestation, and various measures of sow productivity when estimating nutrient requirements, nutritionists, feed manufacturers, veterinarians, or swine producers may wish to include higher levels of certain nutrients than those listed by the NRC to ensure adequate intake of nutrients and for insurance purposes. Any negative effects from oversupplementing diets are generally minimal except in cases of extreme imbalance. Swine require six general classes of nutrients: water, carbohydrates, fats, protein amino acids , minerals, and vitamins.

OK-Net EcoFeed. Pigs - Feeding and ration planning. More about the tool on Organic Eprints. Home Tool. Back Feeding organic pigs: a handbook of raw materials and recommendations for feeding practice A handbook of raw materials and recommendations for pig feeding practices.

Animal Nutrition Pdf

This site requires a JavaScript enabled browser. It is, therefore, important to get the formulations and rations right at each stage of growth. Feeding diets that are appropriate to each stage of production can help capture gains in performance and efficiency, and this makes all the difference when net margins are tight. These targets are subject to variables owing to feeding system, nutrition, environment and health, as well as genetics.

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We promote outdoor pig production, integration with crops and the use of home-grown as well as forage-based diets for pigs.

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