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complexity and contradictions in architecture by robert venturi pdf

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Robert Venturi, The Obligation Toward the Difficult Whole

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Sivaraman , First year-M. Traditionally, contrast between these two dimensions was practiced but was replaced by the idea of continuity and flow between the inside and outside in the 20th century. As the article demonstrates, the evolution between these trends was marked by numerous opinions and perspectives on the purpose of the exterior and interior of a building.

Of course, this notion ignored the importance of location and context surrounding the building, which was of equal importance. After all, if architecture is the orientation and organization of space then the community too is a space within which the building sits.

Some designs show contrast in the top and bottom of the building rather than interior and exterior and other examples show different design ways in which the distinction between the interior and exterior can be made. I found it interesting when the author said that contradictory interior spaces does not go against the idea of continuity asserted by modern architecture — it really does all point to purpose and interpretation.

It is without a doubt that each plays an equally important role because while the interior must induce a particular sentiment or mood and purpose, the exterior must withstand and open out to the personality of the city and into the ambience of the building. Ten points of complexity and contradiction 1. Non straightforward Architecture : A Gentle Manifesto 2.

Complexity and Contradiction vs. Simplification or Picturesqueness 3. Ambiguity 4. Contradiction Adapted 8. Contradiction Juxtaposed 9.

The Inside and the Outside The obligation Toward the Difficult Whole 4. I like elements which are hybrid rather than "pure", compromising rather than "clean", distorted rather than "straightforward", ambiguous rather than "articulated", perverse as well as impersonal, boring as well as "interesting", conventional rather than "designed", accommodating rather than excluding, redundant rather than simple, vestigial as well as innovating, inconsistent and equivocal rather than direct and clear.

I am for messy vitality over obvious unity, richness of meaning rather than clarity of meaning; for the implicit function as well as the explicit function.

More is not less. Complexity And Contradiction Vs. Simplification Or Picturesqueness In orthodox Modern architects' attempt to break with tradition and start all over again, they idealized the primitive and elementary at the expense of the diverse and the sophisticated. In their role as reformers, they puritanically advocated the separation and exclusion of elements, rather than the inclusion of various requirements and their juxtapositions. Modern architects with few exceptions eschewed ambiguity.

August Heckscher:" Then equilibrium must be created out of opposites. Such inner peace as men gain must represent a tension among contradictions and uncertainties. Mies, for instance, makes wonderful buildings only because he ignores many aspects of a building. If he solved more problems, his buildings would be far less potent. Aesthetic simplicity which is a satisfaction to the mind derives, when valid and profound, from inner complexity.

When complexity disappears, blandness replaces simplicity. Simplification Or Picturesqueness Forced simplicity oversimplification. Johnson - wiley house , New cannon 3. In the Wiley House, for instance 1 , in contrast to his glass house 2 , Philip Johnson attempted to go beyond the simplicities of the elegant pavilion. He explicitly separated and articulated the enclosed "private functions" of living on a ground floor pedestal, thus separating them from the open social functions in the modular pavilion above.

Where simplicity cannot work, simpleness results. Blatant simplification means bland architecture. Johnson Glass house , New cannon 4. Mlcheluccl Church of the Autostrada near Florence By repeating in the massing the genuine complexity of the tripledivided plan and the acoustical ceiling pattern 3 , this church represents a justifiable expressionism different from the willful picturesqueness of the haphazard structure and spaces of Giovanni Michelucci's recent church for the Autostrada 4.

Aalto's complexity is part of the program and structure of the whole rather than a device justified only by the desire for expression. Ambiguity Ambiguity and tension are easily found in complex and contradictory architecture.

Architecture is form and substance - - abstract and concrete and its meaning derives from its interior characteristics and its particular context. These oscillating relationships, complex and contradictory, are the source of the ambiguity and tension characteristic to the medium of architecture. Villa Savoye The size of Vanbrugh's forepavilions at Grimsthorpe The Casino di Pio IV ,Vatican in relation to the back pavilions is ambiguous from a distance: are they near or far, big or small?

Vanbrugh's fore-pavilions at Grimsthorpe is it more wall or more vault? This promotes richness of meaning over clarity of meaning. As Empson admits, there is good and bad ambiguity ". Bernini's pilasters on the Palazzo di Propaganda Fide : are they positive pilasters or negative panel divisions?

The tradition of "either-or" has characterized orthodox modern architecture: a sun screen is probably nothing else; a support is seldom an enclosure. Such manifestations of articulation and clarity are foreign to an architecture of complexity and contradiction, which tends to include "both-and" rather than "either-or". The source of the both-and phenomenon is contradiction, and its basis is hierarchy, which yields several levels of meanings among elements with varying values.

An architecture which includes varying levels of meaning breeds ambiguity and tension. Kahn, "Architecture must have bad spaces as well as good spaces. Yet the Mannerist elliptical plan of the sixteenth century is both central and directional. The double meanings inherent in the phenomenon both-and can involve metamorphosis as well as contradiction.

In equivocal relationships one contradictory meaning usually dominates another, but in complex compositions the relationship is not always constant.

If you move through or around a building, at one moment one meaning can be perceived as dominant, at another moment a different meaning seems paramount. Bothand emphasizes double meanings over double-functions. Andrea Palladio palazzo valmarana It then admits improvisation within the whole, and tolerates qualifications and compromise. Now I shall emphasize the complexity and contradiction that develops from the program and reflects the inherent complexities and contradictions of living.

Contradictions representing the exceptional inconsistency that modifies the otherwise consistent order, or representing inconsistencies throughout the order as a whole, is a relationship called "contradiction accommodated". Kahn said, "by order I do not mean orderliness. When circumstances defy order, order should bend or break: "anomalies and uncertainties give validity to architecture. Contrast supports meaning. A propensity to break the order can justify exaggerating it.

Robert Venturi

Robert Charles Venturi Jr. June 25, — September 18, was an American architect , founding principal of the firm Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates , and one of the major architectural figures of the twentieth century. Together with his wife and partner, Denise Scott Brown , he helped shape the way that architects, planners and students experience and think about architecture and the American-built environment. Their buildings, planning, theoretical writings, and teaching have also contributed to the expansion of discourse about architecture. Venturi was awarded the Pritzker Prize in Architecture in ; the prize was awarded to him alone, despite a request to include his equal partner, Scott Brown.

Robert Venturi, 1925–2018

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Whereas some of his acolytes have firmly established the notion that Complexity and Contradiction reintroduced history into contemporary architectural discourse as well as an appreciation of the formal repertoire of the Classical language of architecture, that was precisely not what Venturi argued for. Rather, he was interested in using the history of architecture — entirely subjectively and guided by his own taste preferences — not as a repository of forms, but of abstract compositional rules that, in his view, had currency throughout the history of architecture, most pronouncedly in Mannerism and the Baroque, and that were, as he argued, to be emulated for contemporary production. Does Complexity and Contradiction still speak to a younger generation of practising architects?

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An architecture of complexity and accommodation does not forsake the whole.

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PDF released for review purposes only. Not for publication or wide But an architecture of complexity and contradiction has a special obligation toward the Context. Robert Venturi and MoMA: Institutionalist and Outsider. Martino Stierli.

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R ob ert Venturi, the Philadelphia architect who died in September at the age of ninety-three, left a twofold legacy.