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introducing gender and womens studies pdf

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York University has been a leader in Canada in Women's Studies for more than a decade. Our impressive community of professors conducts research that spans many fields including the humanities and social sciences, law, business, fine arts, and environmental studies. In fact, every experience can be examined from these angles, and our interdisciplinary approach will allow you to do just that as you complete your degree. To do so, this program:. However, students who have completed a standardized test are encouraged to submit their test scores as it may support your application for competitive programs. Please browse the section below for pre-requisites and detailed admission requirements.

Diane Richardson , Victoria Robinson. Flyer Sample chapter. Recommend to library. Paperback - Hardcover - Ebook -

Reviewing syllabi can be useful when students are planning for enrollment; students can gauge their interest in course topics and evaluate how much reading or the types of assignments a course will require. Please keep in mind that course content is updated frequently. A humanities-oriented analysis of cultural representations of women and men within the social and historical contexts of race, class, gender and sexuality; engages with a range of traditions and modes of representation including literature, mass media and popular culture. Global, interdisciplinary, social science-oriented analysis of gender, race, class and sexuality in relationship to social institutions and movements for social change. Focus on gender and women in institutions such as education, the economy, the family, law, media, medicine, and politics. Examines both physiological and social processes relating to gender and health across the lifespan among cisgender, transgender, and non-binary individuals. A primary course objective is for students to connect information about their bodies and personal health to larger social and political contexts.

Introducing Gender and Women's Studies

Students studying sociology now take it for granted that gender is central to sociological analysis. This was not always so. The sociology I was taught as an undergraduate in the late s and early s was the sociology of men as if they represented the whole of society — and primarily white western men. Women featured only briefly, in lectures on family and kinship. This was not a problem peculiar to sociology; women in other disciplines were facing similar biases in relation to what counted as knowledge. Some of us, inspired by feminist ideas, began to complain and then to act.

PART 1: THEORY AND POLITICS Conceptualising Gender wifusion.orgdson Feminist Theory Feminism, Social Movements and the Gendering of Politics.

Introduction to Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies

This course offers an introduction to Gender Studies, an interdisciplinary academic field that explores critical questions about the meaning of gender in society. The primary goal of this course is to familiarize students with key issues, questions and debates in Gender Studies scholarship, both historical and contemporary. Gender scholarship critically analyzes themes of gendered performance and power in a range of social spheres, such as philosophy, economics, history, religion, politics and health. Common Course Outline.

Attribution CC BY. The book is quite comprehension, but it lacks depth and case studies to help students understand the significance of and context for terms introduced. It needs to be supplemented with more detailed work on ideas introduced.

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Introducing Women’s Studies

Gender studies and interdisciplinarity

The Statement of Purpose acquired its final form in September , after substantial reworking on the basis of these discussions. The document bears the traces of its origin in several respects. No changes have been made to the text except some minor editing and changes to the title. In this way it was possible to preserve its character as a document.

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