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An Overview of Recent Application of Medical Infrared Thermography in Sports Medicine in Austria

This guidance seeks to explain how the requirements of the regulations should be interpreted and used in practice. It explains the principles and requirements of IR ME R, providing clinical scenarios to enable practical interpretation of the regulations. This document has been written in support of all staff groups involved in medical and non-medical exposures within clinical settings, both in the NHS and the independent sector, research laboratories, universities and sports facilities, where appropriate. This guidance also applies to those services using ionising radiation outside of radiology and nuclear medicine departments such as cardiology and orthopaedics. Specific guidance is available for dental exposures and therefore is not covered in this guidance.

Active IR-Thermal Imaging in Medicine

The following document is issued as a quality assurance guideline for the use of thermal imaging in clinical practice. The information is based on a review of the current and past peer-reviewed indexed literature, consultation with authorities in relevant fields of expertise, standards and guidelines issued by other qualified organizations, and clinical experience concerning the application of thermal imaging. It is not the purpose of this organization to regulate clinical thermography, but rather to promote scientific validity and quality imaging. The information that follows has been compiled to insure the highest standards in clinical thermal imaging and patient safety. Definition of Clinical Thermography. The procedure uses equipment that can provide both qualitative and quantitative representations of these temperature patterns. Thermography does not entail the use of ionizing radiation, venous access, or other invasive procedures; therefore, the examination poses no harm to the patient.

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Thermal imaging in medicine

The human eye cannot perceive this, as it is more or less blind at this wavelength. Not the thermal imager. Its central element, the detector, is sensitive to IR radiation. Based on the intensity of the IR radiation, it determines the temperature of the object's surface, and makes it visible for the human eye with a thermal image. This process is referred to as thermography.

Medical infrared thermography MIT is used for analyzing physiological functions related to skin temperature. Technological advances have made MIT a reliable medical measurement tool. Case studies are used to illustrate the clinical applicability and limitations of MIT. It is concluded that MIT is a non-invasive, non-radiating, low cost detection tool which should be applied for pre-scanning athletes in sports medicine.

In this paper we summarize results of several research projects devoted to development of new diagnostic methods and procedures based on quantitative infrared thermography in medical applications. First, basics of active dynamic thermography are presented. Described are both, instrumentation and software comprising measurement procedures including collection of series of IR-images after external excitation, data treatment with displacement corrections, reduction of noise and artifacts and finally presentation of parametric diagnostic images. The thermal tomography method is also shortly discussed.

Infrared IR modalities represent the only currently viable mass fever screening approaches for outbreaks of infectious disease pandemics such as Ebola virus disease and severe acute respiratory syndrome.

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Introduction: Body temperature monitoring is one of the oldest and still one of the most basic diagnostic methods in medicine. In recent years thermal imaging has been increasingly used in measurements of body temperature for diagnostic purposes. Thermal imaging is non-invasive, non-contact method for measuring surface body temperature. Method is quick, painless and patient is not exposed to ionizing radiation or any other body burden.

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Get this from a library! Medical infrared imaging: principles and practices. [Mary Diakides; Joseph D Bronzino; Donald R Peterson;] -- "This book explores new.



In book: Medical Infrared Imaging. Principles and Practice (pp); Chapter: 32; Publisher: CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group; Editors: Mary Diakides.

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