Reinforced Concrete Design To Eurocode 2 By Mosley And Bungey Pdf

reinforced concrete design to eurocode 2 by mosley and bungey pdf

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Reinforced Concrete Design

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Contents Preface Notation 1 X Properties of reinforced concrete 1. Preface The purpose of this book is to provide a straightforward introduction to the principles and methods of design for concrete structures. Although the detailed design methods arc generally according to European Standards Curococles , much or the theory and practkc is of a l"undamental nature and should, therefore. The use of these common standards is intended to tower trncle barriers and enable companies to compete on a more equitable basis throughout the EC.

Eurocode 2 EC2 deals with the design of concrete structures, whit. Eurocode 2. This hook refers primarily to part I , dealing with general rules for buildings. Several UK bodies have also produced a range or supporting documents giving the requirements of the code.

Its utility and versatility are achieved by combining the best features of concrete and steel. Consider some of the widely differing properties of these two materials that are listed below. Concrete Steel strength in tension poor good strength In compression good good, but slender bars will buckle strength In shear fair good durability good corrodes if unprotected fire resistance good poor - suffers rapid loss of strength at high temperatures It can be seen from this list that the materials are more or less complementary.

Thus, when they are combined, the steel is able to provide the tensile strength and probably some of the shear strength while the concrete, strong in compression, protects the steel to give durability and fire resistance. This chapter can present only a brief introduction to the basic properties of concrete and its steel reinforcement. For a more comprehensive study, it is recommended that reference should be made to the specialised texts listed in Further Reading at the end of the book.

Because of this, nearly all reinforced concrete structures are designed on the assumption that tile concrete does not resist any tensile forces. Reinforcement is designed to carry these tensile forces. If this bond is not adequate. Thus members should be detailed so that the concrete can be well compacted around the reinforcement during construction. In addition, bars are normally ri bbed so that there is an extra mechanical grip.

This ensures that there is whm is known as 'compatibility of strains' across the cross-section of the member. The coefficients of thermal expansion for steel and for concrete are of the order of I 0 X I 6 per "C and 7- 12 X 6 per "C respecti vely.

These values are sufficiently close that problems with bond seldom arise f'rom diff'ercntial expansion between the two materials over normal temperature ranges. Figure 1. This cracking, however, docs not detract from the safety of the structure provided there is good rei nforcement bonding to ensure that the cracks arc restrained from opening so that the embedded steel continues to be protected from corrosion.

When the compressive or shearing forces exceed the strength of the concrete, then steel reinforcement must again be provided, but in thc. For example. To prevent rhese bars buckling, steel binders are used to assist the restraint provided by the surrounding concrete. Properties of reinforced concrete 1. To carry out the analysis and design of a member it is necessary to have a knowledge of the relationship between these stresses and strains.

A typical curve for concrete in compression is shown in figure 1. As the load is applied, the ratio between the stresses and strains is approximately l. II' the load were removed during the plasti. The precise shape of the stress-strain curve is very dependent on the length of time the load is applied.

Concrete generally increases its strength with age. This characteristic is illustrated by the graph in figure 1. The precise relationship will depend upon the type of cement used. That shown is for the typical variation of nn adequately cured concrete made with commonly used class Some codes of practice allow the concrete strength Strain 0.

For limestone aggregates these vulues should be reduced by a! Thu magnitude of the modu lus of el asticity is required when investigating the de! When considering short-tenn effects. Mi ld steel behaves as an clastic material , with the stmin proportionul 1o the stress up to the yield, ut whic:h point there is a sudden increase in strain with no change in stress.

After the yield point,! Iligh yield steel. Reinforced concrete design figure 1. A ll mater. The speciricd strength used in design is based on either the y ield stress or a speci ried proof' stress. Removal of the load within the plastic range would result in I he stress- strain diagram following a line approximately parallel to the loading pori ion - sec line BC in fi gure 1.

The steel will be left wi th a permanent strain AC. If the steel is again loaded. Thus, the proportional limit for the second loading is higher I han for the in itial loading. The load deformntion of the steel is also dependent on the length of' time the load is applied.

Creep of the steel is of little significance in normal reinforced concrete work, hut i1 is an important factor in prestresed concrete where the prestressing steel is very highl y stressed. T his shrinlwge is liable to l:Huse cracking of the concrete, but it also has the benefic ial c! Tccl of strengthening the bond between the concrete and the steel reinforcement. Shrinkage begins to take place as soon as the concrete is mixed, and is cause. Furrher shrinkage is caused by evaporation of the water which ri ses to the concrete smfnce.

During the setting process the hyi 'd tl II" 2. These cannot he ignore, 11 0 ""'J Figure 3. The values of these coefficients are shown in diagrammatic form in figure 3. End Span 0. The analysis of the sub frame will be carried out by moment distributiou: thus the member stiffnesses and their relevant distribution factors are fi rs!

The ultimate design :. Figure 4. However the more commonly used curve shown in figure 4. Cd th1s chapter and throughout the text. For equilibrium of the compres-. S block. J2 case if trying. When this is not the ca"e, reference should he made to 'ection 4. For 1his condition the depth of neutral axis, Flanged section - the depth of the stress block lies within the :ge s hr figure 4. The relation between the lever arm.

MP LE 4. An alternative procedure is to calculate the moment of resi tance. Section Stress Block In figure 4. F,1 - F,1 I Few or 0. M 11ul. Analysis of the section 4. This vnlue of.

Reinforced concrete design to Eurocode 2

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Reinforced Concrete Design to Eurocode 2 Seventh Edition by Bill Mosley, John Bungey and Ray Hulse is available for free download in PDF format.

Download reinforced concrete design by bill mosley and john bungey 5th edition

List of ebooks and manuels about Download reinforced concrete design by bill mosley and john bungey 5th edition. Oyenuga V. Bungey, Publisher: Scholium International, Inc. Mosley, J. Bungey and R.

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This best-selling textbook provides a straightforward and practical introduction to the principles and methods used in the design of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures, and has been used and trusted by generations of students.

Reinforced Concrete Design to Eurocode 2

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Post a comment. H Bungey. Free PDF book Download. About this Book:. The best-selling Reinforced Concrete Design provides a straightforward and practical introduction to the principles and methods used in the design of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures. The book contains many worked examples to illustrate the various aspects of design that are presented in the text. The seventh edition of the text has been fully revised and updated to reflect the interpretation and use of Eurocode 2 since its introduction.

Reinforced Concrete Design to Eurocode 2 (EC2). Authors Limit State Design. W. H. Mosley, R. Hulse, J. H. Bungey. Pages PDF Pages PDF · Design of Reinforced Concrete Beams. W. H. Mosley, R. Hulse, J. H. Bungey.

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Reinforced Concrete Design to Eurocode 2 (EC2)


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