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Objective of the Course. The main objective of the course is to provide students with updated theoretical and empirical material regarding the development process and emerging economies, as well as an excellent knowledge of the current organization of the world economy and an understanding of the key drivers of structural change. Students will develop their analytical skills through an initiation to research work.

Economic Globalisation and Society in Developing Countries

Economic globalization is one of the three main dimensions of globalization commonly found in academic literature, with the two others being political globalization and cultural globalization , as well as the general term of globalization. It is the increasing economic integration and interdependence of national, regional, and local economies across the world through an intensification of cross-border movement of goods, services, technologies and capital. While economic globalization has been expanding since the emergence of trans-national trade , it has grown at an increased rate due to improvements in the efficiency of long-distance transportation, advances in telecommunication , the importance of information rather than physical capital in the modern economy, and by developments in science and technology. International commodity markets , labor markets , and capital markets make up the economy and define economic globalization. Beginning as early as BCE, people in Syria were trading livestock, tools, and other items. In Sumer , an early civilization in Mesopotamia , a token system was one of the first forms of commodity money.

Economic Globalisation and Society in Developing Countries

Metrics details. The COVID pandemic has ushered in a new climate of uncertainty which is fuelling protectionism and playing into nationalist narratives. Globalisation is under significant threat as governments scramble to reduce their vulnerability to the virus by limiting global trade and flows of people. The African economies overly reliant on single export-orientated industries, such as oil and gas, are expected to be severely hit. This situation is further aggravated by tumbling oil prices and a lowered global demand for African non-oil products. Lockdowns may not be the answer in Africa and the issue of public health pandemic response will need to be addressed by enacting context-specific policies which should be implemented in a humane way. In addressing the socioeconomic impact of COVID on African nations, we argue that governments should prioritize social protection programmes to provide people with resources to maintain economic productivity while limiting job losses.

The topic of globalization is a tricky and volatile one. Forums discussing it often have the tendency of becoming deeply divided with an ensuing crossfire of opinions, some touting its benefits while others recall its detriments. Perhaps the main trouble that plagues the progress of the discourse is the weighty validity of the different positions taken by opposing intellectuals and so the challenge is then for speakers to delicately and precisely position themselves. Unfortunately for me, I am faced with this challenge as I attempt to enter the conversation and so I too must posit myself carefully. Economic globalization, I will argue, reaps social benefits in developing countries.

International Trade and Economic Growth: A Variable. Historical Relationship. 17​. Development of the institutional Framework for. International Trade.

Economic globalization

Part of the Contributions to Economics book series CE. This book presents economic and socio-cultural perspectives on globalization from emerging markets. It explores the links between globalization and development, and reveals the dynamics, strengths and weaknesses, trends in and implications of globalization in emerging market economies. Gathering papers by leading experts in the field, it shares essential insights into the history and status quo of globalization processes and structures; identifies the opportunities provided by and risks posed by globalization; and sheds light on the way to global peace.

Globalization aims to benefit individual economies around the world by making markets more efficient, increasing competition, limiting military conflicts, and spreading wealth more equally. The Milken Institute's "Globalization of the World Economy" report of highlighted many of the benefits associated with globalization while outlining some of the associated risks that governments and investors should consider, and the principles of this report remain relevant. Some of the benefits of globalization include:.

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Since , both transition and developing economies posted a strong and broad-based economic expansion, including most of the least developed countries .