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The methods used to treat femur fractures can vary, and rehabilitation is always necessary after the initial treatment, to restore full movement and mobility to the ankle and help the patient return to all usual activities. After the thigh bone has healed from the initial treatment for the fracture, and patients can bear weight on the leg and joint, a physical therapy regimen is implemented to strengthen muscles and increase mobility. Without proper rehabilitation, complications such as chronic pain, inflammation and weakness, may cause difficulty walking and performing physical activities. If the femur fracture does not require surgery, it is often treated with a cast or removable brace, and patients are typically advised not to put any weight on the leg for about 8 weeks. A physical therapist will help the patient to walk safely using crutches or a walker, or other assistive device.

Rehabilitation After Femur Fracture

Murthy MD Written by leading orthopaedists and rehabilitation specialists, this volume presents sequential treatment and rehabilitation plans for fractures of the upper extremity, lower extremity, and spine. The book shows how to treat each fracture--from both an orthopaedic and a rehabilitation standpoint--at each stage of healing. Subsequent chapters focus on management of individual fractures. Specific treatment strategies and rehabilitation protocols are then presented. More than illustrations complement the text.

Treatment and Rehabilitation of Fractures

A bone may get fractured completely or partially and it is caused commonly from trauma due to fall, motor vehicle accident or sports. Thinning of the bone due to osteoporosis in the elderly can cause the bone to break easily. Overuse injury is a common cause of stress fractures in athletes. Our body reacts to a fracture by protecting the injured area with a blood clot and callus or fibrous tissue. Bone cells begin forming on either side of the fracture line. These cells grow towards each other and thus close the fracture. The objective of early fracture management is to control bleeding, prevent ischemic injury bone death and to remove sources of infection such as foreign bodies and dead tissues.

The modern approach to the treatment of unstable fractures of the thoracolumbar and lumbar spine in children is surgical stabilization at the early stages after trauma by using metal structures that quickly restore vertical functionality to the patient and shorten the period of inpatient treatment. However, the issues related to restorative treatment have not been sufficiently addressed. To develop an algorithm for restorative treatment of children at the inpatient stage after surgical treatment of unstable uncomplicated fractures of the thoracolumbar and lumbar spine. Material and methods. Based on the results of treatment of 73 patients aged 9 to 17 years with unstable uncomplicated vertebral fractures, an algorithm of stage-by-stage rehabilitation by means of therapeutic gymnastics depending on the severity of the injury, method of surgical stabilization of the spine, physical condition of the child, and time passed after the operation was developed.

[] Treatment and Rehabilitation of Fractures By Stanley Hoppenfeld Ingredients | English | PDF # 1 | x x l, | PDF | pages.

Hoppenfeld treatment and rehabilitation of fractures

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Treatment Rehabilitation Fractures by Stanley Hoppenfeld

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