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The Evans Gambit is a pawn sacrifice white can make in the Italian Game. The opening moves are 1. Nf3 Nc6 3.

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I've been surprised at how little literature is out there on the Italian game, which is a solid, albeit well-studied, heavily theoretical opening now. I've actually avoided playing it after I was haven't played it for at least 2 years mainly because other than aping computer lines, I couldn't find any good explanatory books or 'move by move' type annotated game collections that would allow me to play it with more understanding. I have the FCO by Van Der Sterren, and while it's probably as good as you can get for a opening encyclopedia, it offers so few plans and lines for any particular opening that in practical purposes, I find it useless. The Van Der Sterren book is so sparse on plans and middlegame setups that it's no different than trying to figure it out why the chess engine favors a certain move. In contrast, I find high value in annotated selected game collections of a particular opening, with the in-depth concrete examples played out from start to finish.

Exeter Chess Club: The Italian Game for beginners

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The Evans Gambit is a chess opening characterised by the moves:. The Evans Gambit is an aggressive line of the Giuoco Piano. White offers a pawn to divert the black bishop on c5. If Black accepts, White can follow up with c3 and d4, ripping open the centre , while also opening diagonals to play Ba3 or Qb3 at some point, preventing Black from castling kingside and threatening the f7-pawn respectively. If Black declines, the b4-pawn stakes out space on the queenside, and White can follow up with a4 later in the game, potentially gaining a tempo by threatening to trap Black's dark-square bishop. According to Reuben Fine , the Evans Gambit poses a challenge for Black since the usual defences play Fine was once beaten by this gambit in a friendly game against Bobby Fischer , in just 17 moves.

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Evans Gambit

This simple scheme of development leads to a complex of systems that form one of the oldest chess openings, the Italian Game. Perhaps because it is straightforward and logical - both sides quickly develop their pieces to good squares - it has always been popular with beginners and novices. Although traditionally considered inferior to the Ruy Lopez as a way for White to press for an advantage after 1. It may be due for a revival at the highest level, as top grandmasters looking to avoid the Berlin defence in the Ruy Lopez may turn to the Giuoco Pianissimo to outplay their opponents in the slow manoeuvring games that can develop, and the opening has recently featured in the World Championship match between Magnus Carlsen and Sergei Karjakin. Introduction to the Chess Openings: 1.

International Master Jan Pinski is a young and talented player from Poland, who is also well regarded as an openings expert. Du kanske gillar. The New Mediterranean Gestalten Inbunden. Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar.

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Introduction to the Chess Openings: The Italian Game

Jan Pinski. The Italian Game sometimes referred to as the Giuoco Piano is one of the oldest openings around, and also one of the first lines a player learns when he or she is introduced to chess. It leads to play that is easy to understand: both sides develop their pieces logically and begin attacks on the opposing kings. The Italian Game gives both White and Black the opportunity to play either aggressively and in gambit fashion, or in a restrained and positional manner.

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Best book on the Italian game?

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Italian Game & Evans Gambit [Pinski, Jan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Italian Game & Evans Gambit.

The Giuoco Piano

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Jan Pinski - Italian Game and Evans Gambit

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Evans Gambit

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