In A Different Voice P Ychological Theory And Womendevelopment Pdf

in a different voice p ychological theory and womendevelopment pdf

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In a Different Voice Psychological Theory and Women’s Development

It poses a challenge to psychology… But it may be just what we need to revitalize our field and bring it into a more meaningful alignment with reality. In her book In a Different Voice , Carol Gilligan, a psychologist at Harvard University, wrote about the powerful messages young girls receive from those around them. Girls are expected to be compliant, quiet and introspective. They soon learn that they should suppress any open expression of aggression or even strong non-compliant feelings. They also learn…to value relationships more than rules. Berry Brazelton, M. It is impossible to consider [her] ideas without having your estimation of women rise.

Harvard Educational Review 1 December ; 47 4 : — As theories of developmental psychology continue to define educational goals and practice, it has become imperative for educators and researchers to scrutinize not only the underlying assumptions of such theories but also the model of adulthood toward which they point. Carol Gilligan examines the limitations of several theories,most notably Kohlberg's stage theory of moral development, and concludes that developmental theory has not given adequate expression to the concerns and experience of women. Through a review of psychological and literary sources, she illustrates the feminine construction of reality. From her own research data, interviews with women contemplating abortion, she then derives an alternative sequence for the development of women's moral judgments. Finally, she argues for an expanded conception of adulthood that would result from the integration of the "feminine voice" into developmental theory. Sign In or Create an Account.

In a different voice: psychological theory and women's development

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and thoughts. The occasion for this observation was the selection of a sample of women for a study of Read Online · Download PDF.

In a different voice :psychological theory and women'sdevelopment

I consider in detail Gilligan's criticisms of Sigmund Freud and her own empirical studies of moral development, as they relate to the work of L. After defending Freud to some degree, I propose various less theoretical but intuitively plausible alternative interpretations of her data-interviews with males and females about hypothetical ethical dilemmas and with females about actual abortion decisions. I contend that Gilligan is too willing to concede the adequacy of Kohlberg's categories for fathoming the moral reasoning of males and that she may, in consequence, exaggerate differences between males and females.

As more women in the s and s attained judicial positions on federal and state courts, some social scientists and feminist scholars began to question if female judicial officers would adjudicate differently than their male counterparts Kenney This potential difference spurs a series of important research questions whose answers provide valuable insight into judicial decision-making. For example, would gender diversity on the bench lead to differences in case outcomes, legal reasoning, and the judicial decision-making process? Drawing on the work of Carol Gilligan , would women judges rule in a different voice than their male counterparts?

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Listening to a different voice: A feminist critique of Gilligan

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Carol Gilligan has built a career out of challenging the mainstream.

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