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Low – Organization has experienced a loss of efficiency, but can still provide all critical services to all users with minimal effect on performance.
None – Organization as experienced no loss in ability to provide all services to all users.

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Website Defacement

Information Impact to the Organization

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Was proprietary information such as protected critical infrastructure information (PCII), intellectual property, or a trade secret accessed or exfiltrated? *
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Was protected health information (PHI) such as medical history, test and laboratory results, insurance information accessed or exfiltrated? *
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Was sensitive or proprietary information modified or deleted? *
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Please select the organization’s recoverability for this incident: *

Regular – Time to recovery is predictable with existing resources.
Supplemented – Time to recovery is predictable with additional resources.
Extended – Time to recovery is unpredictable; additional resources and outside help are needed.
Not recoverable – Recovery from this incident is not possible (e.g., sensitive data exfiltrated and posted publicly).

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